English has many complicated guidelines and conventions, making it a difficult language to study. There are some phrases that even native audio system battle to say and spell. Listed below are 15 English tongue-twister examples that can take a look at your verbal talents regardless of how lengthy you’ve been talking the language.

1. Worcestershire

Worcestershire (pronounced “WOO-stuh-sher”) is a savory brown sauce that was created in Worcester, England. Many Individuals have a tough time saying and spelling this phrase, probably due to its British origins.

2. Colonel

Everyone knows a colonel is a high-ranking officer within the army. Nonetheless, many English audio system say this phrase fallacious because of its complicated spelling. It’s truly pronounced the identical manner because the phrase “kernel,” making it one of many trickier phrases within the English language.

3. Quinoa

Quinoa has change into an more and more in style well being meals even supposing it’s arduous to say out loud. This English tongue-twister is definitely pronounced “KEEN-wah” (and never “keen-OH-uh” because the spelling would recommend). Fortunately you don’t must say this tasty grain’s title accurately to take pleasure in consuming it!

4. Onomatopoeia

An onomatopoeia is a phrase that mimics the sound it describes, equivalent to increase, boing, clang, or pow. Contemplating its which means, it’s ironic that onomatopoeia is among the hardest phrases to say and spell. The right pronunciation of this English tongue-twister is “on-uh-mot-uh–PEE–uh.”

5. Anemone

Opposite to in style perception, anemones aren’t truly crops. Though they appear like colourful flowering bushes, they’re truly aquatic animals.

Saying anemone out loud could be simply as complicated. At first look, it appears prefer it solely accommodates two or three syllables. Nevertheless it’s truly a four-syllable phrase that’s pronounced “ah-NEM-oh-nee.”

6. Synecdoche

Synecdoche is a determine of speech that includes describing one thing utilizing considered one of its elements. An instance of synecdoche is referring to a automobile as a “good set of wheels.”

It may be tough to recollect the which means of synecdoche, however it’s even more durable to say it. Though it seems to be a three-syllable phrase, it truly accommodates 4 syllables and is pronounced “sih-NECK-duh-key.”

7. Lieutenant

Lieutenant is a time period used to discuss with a low-ranking army officer. Though the which means is identical in every single place you go, the pronunciation differs between nations.

In the USA, we are saying “loo-TEN-ant.” Throughout the pond within the UK, folks pronounce it “lef-TEN-ant.” In our opinion, the British manner is far more durable and turns lieutenant into an English tongue-twister.

8. Comfy

We not too long ago discovered that we’ve been saying the phrase “snug” fallacious our complete lives. It’s apparently speculated to be pronounced “KUHMF-tr-bl” with emphasis positioned on the primary syllable. Who knew?

This makes it a lot more durable to say, so we could maintain mispronouncing it by breaking it up into 4 syllables. Don’t decide!

9. Coup

It may be arduous to recollect tips on how to pronounce “coup” correctly as a result of it has a silent letter. You’re not speculated to say the “p” on the finish of the phrase, making the proper pronunciation “coo.”

10. Epitome

Epitome is the epitome of phrases which might be arduous to pronounce. Many individuals incorrectly say it as “EP-i-tohm,” which is comprehensible primarily based on the best way it’s spelled. Nevertheless it’s speculated to be damaged down into 4 syllables like so: “uh-PI-tuh-mee.” The extra you understand!

11. Gyro

Gyro is one other phrase that journeys us up since you aren’t speculated to pronounce it with a tough “g.” The right technique to say it’s truly “YEE-ro.” Though gyro is an English tongue-twister, you shouldn’t let that stop you from ordering this scrumptious sandwich!

12. Acai

Why accomplish that many wholesome meals have names which might be arduous to pronounce? Acai is a berry that tastes scrumptious in smoothies, however its title doesn’t fairly roll off the tongue. The “c” is definitely speculated to be pronounced like an “s.” So the proper technique to say this English tongue-twister is “aa-saa-EE.”

13. Isthmus

An isthmus is a small strip of land that connects two bigger land plenty. This phrase is tough to say due to the string of consonants proper within the center. The right pronunciation is “I-smus” which could be powerful for some to grasp.

14. Queue

Queue means “to line up” and is extra generally utilized in British English. Because of the unusual combo of vowels, it may be tough to determine tips on how to say this phrase correctly. Surprisingly, queue is pronounced the identical manner as a “cue” ball. So all these further vowels in all probability aren’t crucial.

15. Sixth

Sixth is an English tongue-twister for a similar purpose as isthmus—it has an odd combo of consonants that journeys folks up. When correctly pronounced, sixth appears like “siksth.” However we’re not often in a position to say it proper!

Apply Makes Excellent

Many English phrases are mentioned in a different way than they’re spelled, which might make English a tough language to grasp. However fortunately observe makes excellent. Researching tongue-twisters will show you how to enhance your pronunciation and stage up your language abilities.

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