Anjali Nambiar, Hasna Ashraf & Aarushi Gupta, Social Safety Initiative


Managed competitors is a theoretical idea for designing and regulating medical insurance programs. Such programs can safe customers’ pursuits by managing diverging incentives, instituting uniform rules, equipping customers to make knowledgeable decisions, and making a aggressive surroundings tailor-made to rewarding these organisations that enhance companies to customers. On this paper, we draw classes from the Netherlands, Israel, Germany, and Colombia that may inform policymakers contemplating well being system reform for common well being protection. Nation experiences with managed competitors of their well being programs yield essential classes for adopting the idea in India starting with experimentation in sub-systems that search to cowl the complete goal inhabitants and make sure the provision of high quality healthcare.

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Nambiar, A., Ashraf, H., & Gupta, A. (2023). Designing Well being Programs Based mostly on Managed Competitors. Retrieved from Dvara Analysis .


Nambiar, Anjali, Hasna Ashraf and Aarushi Gupta. “Designing Well being Programs Based mostly on Managed Competitors.” 2023. Dvara Analysis .


Nambiar, Anjali, Hasna Ashraf, and Aarushi Gupta. 2023. “Designing Well being Programs Based mostly on Managed Competitors.” Dvara Analysis .

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