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John B. Calhoun and the Way forward for Wealth


Nov 1, 2023


Probably the most vital research ever carried out on human interactions with cash, wealth, and retirement was undertaken in 1968 and it concerned mice.

John B. Calhoun, an ethologist and behavioral researcher, had a protracted historical past of finding out rodents in differing environments and recording the rodent’s behaviors and interactions.

A lot of Calhoun’s earlier work concerned Norway rats. However in July of 1968, Calhoun started a research utilizing mice. This analysis has been debated ever since. A typical debate is evaluating the mice to people and inhabitants. Nonetheless, what most by no means seen is that the mouse experiment had nothing to do with inhabitants and the whole lot to do with wealth and retirement.

John B. Calhoun at the baby show of his first grandchild.
John B. Calhoun on the child present of his first grandchild.

The Mice Experiment

Within the mice experiment Calhoun positioned 4 breeding pairs of mice right into a setup that may solely be defined as a mouse Nirvana. There was room to run and play. There have been tunnels for simple entry to different rooms and areas inside the habitat. Ample nesting areas, water dispensers and meals hoppers had been all through the habitat.

The mice lacked for nothing. They’d no predators. They’d meals, water, and different mice to play with. Life was good in mouse heaven.

The one subject the mice would ultimately face was house. As their inhabitants grew the habitat would change into extra crowded. That is what Calhoun sought to analysis, nevertheless it advanced completely different from expectations.

As anticipated, the 4 breeding pairs loved their carefree setting, doubling their numbers each 55 days.

By day 315 the mice elevated their numbers to 615. This inhabitants was far wanting the estimated carrying capability of three,840 for the habitat. Nonetheless, after day 315, the inhabitants development slowed markedly. The mouse inhabitants now doubled each 145 days.

Then issues went south.

From day 315 onward social buildings strained and ultimately broke. Assaults on the younger had been frequent. Some younger mice had been injured, some kicked out of the nest earlier than weaning was full. Males turned aggressive towards females. Gay conduct elevated. Dominant males struggled to defend their territory and females. Non-dominant mice more and more attacked one another.

The rooms within the habitat had been designed to carry 15 mice comfortably. But, in these later days of the experiment, as many as 50 mice would huddle in a room when empty rooms had been subsequent door. This self-induced compacting of mouse flesh probably precipitated extra animosity and preventing.

Some males withdrew and located a solitary place to stay within the construction. Their solely actions being consuming, consuming, sleeping, and grooming. These recluse mice didn’t have scars like the opposite male mice and the grooming saved their coats easy. Calhoun known as these male mice the “lovely ones” because of the lack of scars.

But, the collapse of mouse society will need to have been greater than the bodily setting. Why some mice fought and a few discovered a quiet nook to stay out their life is unknown. We do know the “lovely ones” whereas wanting wholesome, by no means took an curiosity in procreation.

From day 615 on the material of mouse society fractured. Mouse inhabitants in Universe 25, the title given to the experiment because it was the twenty fifth undertaken by Calhoun utilizing rodents, reached 2,200 within the nineteenth month. Lower than 5 years from the beginning of the experiment, all of the mice had been lifeless.

What’s most fascinating is that because the inhabitants fell issues by no means returned to regular. The declining inhabitants didn’t attain some extent the place wholesome conduct returned. The early decrease inhabitants with a wholesome mouse society on the way in which up didn’t re-engage on the way in which down.

And as a lot as the controversy of Universe 25 has been on inhabitants, that was by no means the actual subject. The mouse heaven got here nowhere near the utmost inhabitants the setting might maintain. There needed to be one other subject. And the actual large query: Does this educate us one thing about folks and humanity? Might we endure the identical destiny?

Universe 25 within the Fashionable Human World

Calhoun, and plenty of after him, have come to various conclusions about Universe 25. Typically, the dialogue has targeted on inhabitants and its potential correlation with humanity. However that doesn’t make sense!

Now we have seen squalor and overcrowded cities for hundreds of years with out something close to what like occurred in Universe 25.

Crowded inhabitants facilities haven’t suffered the breakdown of society the way in which it did within the so-called mouse heaven. Sure, there are lots of cases of social breakdown amongst people. And also you want a sure variety of people to have a riot or different social unrest. (One man having a solo riot within the countryside will not be a social breakdown. Perhaps a private breakdown, however not a social breakdown.)

Nonetheless, the human inhabitants retains climbing.

However one thing is completely different now. Most of the anti-social behaviors of the mice are exhibiting up in people.

There isn’t any solution to evaluate a precise mouse-to-human interplay. For instance, the mice might have developed a realized conduct between crowding and meals. This behavioral sink didn’t dissipate when the mouse inhabitants declined to much less crowded circumstances, some speculate.

And whereas a close to mouse heaven was created, the identical will not be potential with your entire human inhabitants. Individuals are way more advanced than mice.

John B. Calhoun in Universe 25, the mice experiment.
John B. Calhoun in Universe 25, the mice experiment.

Breakdown of Human Society

As good as folks assume they’re, we’re nonetheless mammals, full of all of the fears and wishes mammals have.

The query then is: Will growing inhabitants result in societal breakdown because it did in Universe 25?

The primary cities had been based round 9,500 years in the past. Folks, by selection, determined to stay collectively in bigger teams. Cities provide benefits in a salvage world. It additionally permits for specialization. Universe 25 would by no means see mice organizing their inhabitants development whereas people have achieved simply that for a very long time.

Inhabitants places stress on sources, inflicting wars or at the very least border skirmishes. The regular drumbeat of know-how has allowed for ever growing conglomerations of individuals in small geographic areas. The identical know-how decreased the necessity for conflict over sources. (The necessity was not eradicated, nevertheless.) Reference the work of Steven Pinker for a extra full view of how violence has declined.

Folks thrive in inhabitants facilities. Even with city sprawl and the blight of some fashionable cities and people of the previous, the breakdown of society was and is managed and addressed. We see nothing like Universe 25 or any of the Calhoun experiments in humanity because it applies to inhabitants.

However humanity is having a breakdown in society like by no means earlier than and it does have an effect on inhabitants.

Societal breakdown is more than social disorder. It is often very personal and painful.
Societal breakdown is greater than social dysfunction. It’s typically very private and painful.

First, a dialogue of the breakdown.

A disproportionate variety of younger individuals are not engaged as prior to now.

We could be tempted to complain that younger individuals are lazy right this moment after we hear round 60% of People had been employed in 2022. Whereas the share of working-age folks working is down, it isn’t down that a lot after we account for the variety of youngsters and other people at retirement age and older.

In order that isn’t a breakdown in society.

Younger individuals are extra probably than ever to forego romantic relationships and much more inclined to forego constructing a household.

Just like the experiment with mice, the societal breakdown is crowding folks collectively, even when pointless. Rural life is desired by many, but ultimately most go for an city way of life.

As with the mice, folks have a decrease need for procreation. Worse, there appears to be a large decline in need for intimate and interpersonal relationships.

Gay conduct elevated in Universe 25. We see one thing comparable in lots of nations around the globe, particularly within the West.

Word that homosexuality will not be some fashionable societal curse. Homosexuality has been round for the reason that starting of time and isn’t the issue. The problem is that extra folks determine as one thing apart from male or feminine. And extra are popping out as gay. Both these are folks on the borderline or extra individuals are open to exploring the newly acceptable avenues. Nonetheless, there’s an fascinating correlation between Universe 25 and fashionable society.

What in regards to the “lovely ones” from Universe 25? Now we have all the time had the wealthy and their excesses. There are extra excessive web value folks than ever earlier than, due to know-how. And the Elon Musk’s of the world can change into very rich even in comparison with the wealthiest of the previous.

The uber-rich anti-social conduct will not be fully new both. These points had been all the time with us. However even with extra rich folks than ever, why the novel change in demographics?

Males have been crowded out. Or at the very least many really feel that method. There’s really a category of males known as MGTOWs (Males Going Their Personal Method) and incels, which stands for “involuntary celibates.”

There’s affirmative motion to guard each group, besides males. Faculties and companies will need to have inclusion. The most effective are generally not employed in the event that they occur to be a white male. Once more, this from the point of view of some males.

There are monetary conferences for girls. Are you able to think about the outcry if there have been monetary or enterprise conferences designed for males solely?

There are causes for the adjustments which have taken place over the previous century. Girls and minorities had been excluded and harmed by “conventional” conduct. Have we gone too far? Have we created an issue with tough options individuals are not at present prepared to handle?

All this new world order has too many males trying out. We get MGTOWs; males who’ve disengaged from most social interactions outdoors work.

These disenfranchised males are unwilling to stay beneath the brand new guidelines. They crawl away to some hidden place, their residence, and stay a secluded lifetime of video video games and social media. A minimum of they will strike out at enemies on social media with out worry of societal reprisals, generally. This echoes the attractive ones in Universe 25.

Earlier than we beat up on males an excessive amount of, let’s speak about females.

This creator has two daughters, each of their 20s. One knocking on the door of 30! Neither has a boyfriend (or any vital different) or has an curiosity in a single. This isn’t the world I grew up in.

We are able to blame the lads for feeling the way in which they do, telling them to man up. However ladies have additionally withdrawn!

Similar to the mom mice in Universe 25, the need for youngsters has diminished considerably.

Males are sometimes unhappy right this moment. So are ladies! “The place are are the nice ladies?” the lads cry! “The place are all of the honorable males?” the ladies lament!

Just like the mice in Universe 25, your entire inhabitants is contaminated with a illness. Women and men, amongst people, can blame one another. However the issue is way deeper.

We can force law and order. But force only goes so far. True order comes from voluntary compliance.
We are able to drive legislation and order. However drive solely goes to date. True order comes from voluntary compliance.

Now, the results.

We should assessment the results earlier than the actual downside is mentioned and the one potential resolution supplied.

The “trying out” of women and men in almost all societies around the globe has result in critical penalties. To date we dodged the bullet. However solely as a result of it takes time for the poison to kill.

What killed your entire inhabitants of mice to the final one was a lack of need to hold on the species. We might not consider it in these phrases, however that’s precisely what having youngsters is about. No youngsters and tomorrow will nonetheless come. Solely, your species, people, won’t be there.

Knowledge from the World Financial institution is damning.

The fertility charge amongst ladies worldwide was 2.3 in 2021, the newest 12 months information is accessible. The substitute charge required to take care of a gentle inhabitants is 2.1. This implies 2.1 youngsters are required on common amongst all ladies to take care of the present inhabitants. The additional .1 covers youngsters that die earlier than reaching sexual maturity.

The fertility charge in China is 1.2. 1.2! Even eradicating restrictions on the variety of youngsters ladies in China might have had solely a modest blip within the statistics. The message is evident. Chinese language ladies don’t wish to have youngsters and in the event that they do they need just one little one.

The fertility charge in most of Western Europe in beneath 2.1. Russia is at 1.5. Japan 1.3.

The U.S. fertility charge is 1.7.

China is ready to lose two-thirds of its inhabitants by century finish. China and the U.S. may have an analogous inhabitants in 70-80 years. The one cause why the U.S. will keep its inhabitants with such a low fertility charge is immigration.

The inhabitants bust is coming and it will likely be painful, principally because of the rapidity of the inhabitants decline.

Darrell Bricker and John Ibbitson have a wonderful e-book on the subject, Empty Planet. It’s value your time to learn the e-book.

Woman sharing a carrot with a horse.
Solely after we share can we discover that means in our life. It additionally provides that means to the one we share with.

True Downside and Answer

It is important we cease blaming others for the issue. Sure, women and men really feel confused and empty, on the lookout for significant relationships with no need to have interaction. The objective should be to convey again the need for intimate relationships.

John B. Calhoun taught us rather a lot together with his experiments. The overload of data, coupled with the misguided biases, has thrown us off the observe of a significant life.

It was by no means about inhabitants. It’s the worry of a inhabitants bust which will have triggered the unconscious response in America and different nations. The misguided considered taking away the reproductive rights of ladies was a foul thought earlier than it was uttered.

As with China, it won’t work. For any significant change to occur, folks should wish to change. If males conceal away in some higher room consuming, consuming, taking part in video video games, and roaming social media, the issue won’t resolve.

Neither males nor ladies will have interaction with out addressing the “actual downside.”

The actual downside alludes us as a result of it crept up slowly.

Expertise requires fewer of us to work bodily jobs. A mere 1.3% of U.S. employment is direct on-farm employment. A number of generations in the past over half of the inhabitants labored on farms.

Expertise has made manufacturing unit jobs much less harmful whereas productiveness soared. Expertise eradicated the necessity for thus many employees on the manufacturing unit flooring.

Expertise has allowed everybody to stay a greater life and have a greater way of life all on the identical time.

We all the time had hyper-savers and traders in a position to go away gainful employment early in life. The distinction now’s that it’s simpler to take action and plenty of have chosen simply that.

There’s even a group devoted to early retirement known as Monetary Independence, Early Retirement (FIRE). This isn’t an outlier! A big proportion of working age folks have elected to take a look at.

These not electing are sometimes working much less.

Regardless, all of us have extra it doesn’t matter what your work ethic. Expertise has allowed us to supply extra items and providers than ever earlier than which might be inexpensive.

All of us stay in paradise, Nirvana, heaven. Similar to Universe 25; similar to the mice. Now we have no unmet wants. Now we have desires, positive. And we really feel empty. In a world of 8 billion folks, many really feel extremely alone.

Our lives have misplaced that means! That’s the “actual downside!” Now we have no objective. Now we have the whole lot a mouse, ah, human might need. With none challenges, with out objective, with no cause, how can one go on? Why care? Why have an intimate relationship? Begin a household?

The “actual downside” is that we misplaced objective in life.

The answer is straightforward, but extremely exhausting to start out.

Zig Ziglar stated, “You may have something you need so long as you assist sufficient different folks get what they need.”

What if you have already got the whole lot? Fact is, you might have the whole lot you want and extra, save one: objective.

The Viktor Frankl wrote, “The that means of life is to assist others discover that means in theirs.”

That’s the reply, the answer. Most individuals don’t want extra stuff. Some may need primary wants. Folks in a homeless shelter, for instance. However most of us have sufficient to stay a cheerful life. Now we have to take the final step so our life is value dwelling.

It sounds so easy, simply assist others. However it’s so exhausting as a result of it requires you to open up and let another person in. They might harm you; reap the benefits of you. But, with out the danger, there might be no hope.

If we don’t get the message we might ultimately endure the identical destiny as Universe 25. As inhabitants declines we might cocoon increasingly till there isn’t a one left.

Some say the world will finish in hearth, Some say in ice. I maintain with those that favor hearth. And would suffice.
—Robert Frost

The way forward for wealth? Properly, wealth is far more than cash or stuff.

Whereas wealth comes from in right here (pointing to coronary heart) and right here (pointing to go); it solely has worth after we give it away.

Might or not it’s the answer to the Fermi Paradox (why don’t we hear from different civilizations within the universe) is that when a species reaches a complicated degree of know-how it eliminates the need to stay?

We should do higher than that. Our world is determined by it.

And the one solution to save ourselves is to open to others. And to offer.

It’s the that means of life. It’s objective. And our solely hope.


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