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[PODCAST] Avoiding Random Acts of Marketing – Lindsay LaShell


Jun 10, 2024


Are all of your marketing efforts worth the time and money you pour into them? How do you get the best results from your marketing campaigns and optimize the use of your resources? Learn how to break through the dead-ends of ineffective and unproductive marketing that does not benefit your organization and saps you of time and money that you could be using elsewhere. On this episode, host Meghan Speer sits down with Lindsay LaShell to discuss three of her courses that are available on the Nonprofit Hub website for you. These courses will teach you how to cut the deadweight on your marketing campaigns and spend your marketing resources more effectively through focused marketing practices and team management!

Social Media Solution – 

Never Enough Time – 

Get More Done: Delegation Training – 

Lindsay Dayton LaShell is the founder of Diamond + Branch Marketing Group, a digital marketing agency that provides strategy, content and analysis to women-owned and purpose-driven organizations. She’s passionate about using her powers and the internet as a force for good.

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